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A Unique Holiday Gift Idea That Will Take You to New Heights

Are you stuck trying to figure out what to get your loved ones, but can’t land on the perfect gift? Why not try something that will have you soaring right to the top of their favorite family member list. I’m not talking about mundane socks and underwear. 

Dan and I recently went to check out iFly, an indoor skydiving experience that is one of a kind. 

Prepping for our flight!

I have to admit, we were both a bit hesitant to jump in the wind tunnel, but once we were in there it was an experience like no other. 

Full disclosure, I am terrified of heights and would never dream of jumping out of a real airplane, but iFly let me experience something so unique and thrilling, without having to leave the indoors! We had an amazing instructor who helped us along the way, he stayed in the tunnel with us, was very experienced and guided us every step of the way – that made me feel relaxed and ready to fly…as relaxed as I could be!

Ashlee in the tunnel.

What a perfect holiday gift this would make! If you’re having trouble picking something for those hard-to-buy-for family members, iFly is offering the perfect holiday gift. Nothing says happy holidays like buying an experience to share with your family and friends. Experiences end up being the best gifts in my opinion, they build memories that will last a lifetime. 

iFly’s holiday gift package includes:

  • 4 amazing flights sharable for two people
  • 2 digital photos to commemorate your flying experience.
  • Voucher is redeemable at any one of our 30+ U.S. locations.
  • Up to 40% off standard rates

This is truly a deal you don’t want to miss – I would do it again in a heartbeat!

For more information you can visit: 

Experienced flyers in the tunnel.

Thank you to iFly Tampa for this partnership. All opinions are my own.