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Brighten Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Who says winter’s fashion has to be dull and drab just because the weather is? This bright bandeau sweater from Zara can heat up your winter blues.

This sweater comes in a variety of colors, and I must admit I originally bought it in black—I know, I know not part of the “bright” winter wardrobe. As one of my favorite sweaters, I had to add the bright pink color to my wardrobe when I saw it in the store. The color really pops and adds a dazzling element to a more mundane season.

It is so easy to grab your dark and cozy clothes when the weather is dreary and cold, but now you don’t have to! This off-the-shoulder ribbed sweater is unique, fashionable and, most importantly, warm and cozy.

I spy a little puppy photobombing the picture here

I love the modern cut of this garment. The neckline of the sweater stretches and flows so it can be worn hanging around the neck, off the shoulder for a stylish flair, angled, or however you feel inspired that day! The baggy sleeve detail is so fun and chic, giving the sweater a distinct and one-of-a-kind look.

Instead of reaching for your usual dark warm sweaters, try mixing up your look with a cozy pop of color to bring your winter wear from drab to fab! Wearing a bold and bright statement color will make you stand out in a sea of gloomy garb. Even if you are only willing to add a simple splash of color to your normally neutral ensemble, a small dose can make your duller days more vivid.





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