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Embracing Embroidery

What goes around comes around right? That is how it always seems in the fashion world and right now the hottest trend to come back around is embroidery. It is one of the biggest trends of 2017 and is sure to ride out the rest of the year in style—through different variations as the season’s come and go.

This summer my favorite embroidery trend comes in the form of sheer tops. The one pictured is from Zara and is only $39.90! But, tops aren’t the only pieces being embroidered this season. The look is popping up and sewing in to jeans, hats, and even accessories. Embroidery brings summer pieces to life and can easily be paired with understated accessories for a polished and bright look.

If you’re someone who is unsure about this trend, try something simple like this floral piece. I love this shirt because it still allows me to wear the trend while keeping my style classic and elegant.

Worn the right way, embroidery can dress up any outfit or can act as a unique flair to a boring accessory.

I love hearing style tips from you! Send me how you have been embracing the trend!






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