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Fall Florals

Who says floral patterns are only for spring? This fall trend is keeping the style throughout the year—with dark florals! I’m embracing this trend with ease, in a little dark floral jumpsuit!

The key to nailing this look is going for deeper tones when picking out a fall floral. Sure, light pinks and pale colors might be pretty, but this season aim for a darker floral look. This jumpsuit is perfect because the navy back color gives it a fall feel, while the deep pink flowers add a pop of color.

Not sure where to start? Sometimes florals can look overwhelming on. If that is the case for you, try a fall look that has bigger patterns with warm hues. The warmer the color palette the more fall it can feel—cool tones are pretty but may give off a spring vibe.

Another easy way to work this trend into your rotation is by wearing dark floral accessories. Dress up your dark jeans with dark floral booties, rock the look by adding a dark floral scarf to your hand bag, or dress up a LBD with a dark floral overcoat. This is a trend everyone can wear—my idea of the perfect garden? Hanging in my closet.




  • Lord & Taylor Phase Eight Floral Print Jumpsuit
    Lord & Taylor Phase Eight Floral Print Jumpsuit

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