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Manicure Mayhem: Summer Colors

I must confess my nail polish collection is a bit absurd, but somehow I always end up painting my nails the same color—burgundy (any shade of burgundy). This year I decided to mix up my spring/summer color choices and these are some of my favorites so far!

Essie always has a great selection of nail color and I can never pass up the well-organized nail lacquer section in any store.

The three Essie polishes I love right now are “A-list,” “Sunshine State of Mind,” and one of my go-to colors, “Bahama Mama.” I’ll admit, the color “A-list” is probably burgundy’s fun neighbor but I had to start somewhere. I love the raspberry hue it gives off when the light hits it. If you’re looking for a bright way to bring in the summer, “Sunshine State of Mind” is the color for you! This bright orange really lives up to its name—it’s sunshine orange with the perfect hint of salmon. If you’re looking for a summery purple the shade “Bahama Mama” is a great choice. When I wear this color it gives me the fun pop of color I’m looking for, without being too neon or too dark. Whenever I wear this color I get so many compliments on the shade—I guess that is the power of purple.

I rarely wear blue on my nails but I once read an article that it can help relieve stress. Was that a lie? Maybe, but it helped me try out this color so I’m not complaining. My OPI “Gargantuan Green Grape” is more of a light blue (the company had a production error on a batch of this color, it is actually supposed to be green) and I love how different it is. When I first tried it on I was awestruck by the fact that it’s such a powerful shade, with such a subtle glow. The softness of the blue is perfect for anyone who can’t imagine wearing such a dramatic color, and even with my pale skin it fit in well with my complexion. A similar color in the OPI family is called “Gelato on My Mind.”

Smith & Cult has some of my favorite nail polishes right now. The company knows how to make a vibrant nail collection, each of their colors I have used has strong pigmentation and are fantastic colors. This “Flatte Top Coat” is a unique favorite of mine from the brand. I love to mix up my nail game and this top coat helps me mix things up from the norm, without having to buy all new colors. This polish glides right on to the nails and transforms any and every nail polish underneath it to matte. If you’re sick of that overly shiny look or want to try something new this summer this is a quick and easy way to change up any nail polish. I love a product that can transform stuff I already have with ease!





  • Smith & Cult Nail Polish Flatte Top Coat

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