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Off the Shoulder Staples

The off the shoulder shirt has been one of my favorite trends for a while now. I can’t get enough of it!

Whether I’m heading out to dinner or even just dressing up for a quick lunch, this style can be worn wherever the day is taking me! This blue off the shoulder shirt is from Zara. I love the open back on this style, it is comfortable and light.

Off the shoulder shirts are the perfect amount of sexy. In style’s like this you can feel ready for a night out, without having to show too much skin.

This off the shoulder shirts is flattering on every body type. It’s flowy, flirty and covers up all the right places.

While stopping to take these pictures I had to have the rainbow in the background, because how often do you get to be photobombed by one of the most beautiful surprise pieces of nature? Yes, I am equivalent to a pot of gold thanks for asking— it’s a really fortunate perk—Irish I could be golden every day—Ok…I’ll stop.

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