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Red Carpet Beauty Hacks You Can Try At Home

We are in the thick of Award Season, and A-Listers are hitting red carpet, after red carpet. While they pose, they’re using their favorite hacks to say comfortable and confident at the shows!

Celebrities and their stylists have a number of beauty hacks up their sleeves to make sure the red carpet appearances go flawlessly. They know the camera’s will be hot – and they want to make sure they’re looking their best!

If you’re heading to a gala, big event, or even the grocery store and want to look and feel your best, try these hacks. I am sharing some red carpet beauty tricks you can use for yourself!

Love a good beauty hack? Watch my segment with WFLA/WTTA’s BLOOM, above.


  1. Lip balm to calm flyaways.
  2. Lipstick with blue undertones will make your teeth look whiter.
  3. White eyeliner in the waterline will make your eyes look bigger.
  4. Use a scarf to protect your makeup when getting dressed.
  5. Nylon socks can help remove D.O. from fabric.
  6. Celebrities are known to wear their shoes 1/2 size bigger on the red carpet.

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