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The Perfect Oversized Sweater For Every Occasion

Do you ever need a sweater that just goes with everything? I always find myself looking to grab something on the go that I can just throw on over my outfit and have it look good and fit in. It used to be such a challenge for me, until I found this oversized Zara sweater.

The thickness of this sweater the first thing I noticed, it almost seems like a mix of an overcoat and a cardigan. In fact, Zara actually calls it a “coat with piping,” but to me it is sweater material. I love that it is more formal than just your simple sweater, it makes any look more sophisticated.

Whether your throwing this on for a cool summer night, styling it with an outfit for fall, or wearing it through winter and spring, this piece transitions in every season. Instead of keeping it tucked away in my closet for months at a time, this stays in rotation. Being able to wear it all year round makes it completely worth the money!

The cut, color, and crispness of this “coat” make it such a versatile style. I love the neutral, yet trendy, light gray color. If you’re looking for something that goes with everything, this is the item for you!





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