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Wearing Dark Colors in the Summer

I know they always say to wear light colors in the sun but sometimes you just have that one cute shirt you don’t want to pass up because it’s a dark color! It’s a situation I just ran into while trying on this Zara top—I love the embroidery but navy in the summer? Is that too hot? I don’t think it should be what you wear but how you wear it when it comes to summer colors.

Maybe it’s because of my life for New York City that I have it ingrained in my mind that black is the only option, or maybe it’s because darker colors look better with my pale complexion, but sometimes the bright yellow lemon shirt can never be made into lemonade (a constant reminder that I am, still, not Beyoncé). So how can you wear dark colors when you’re trying to beat the summer heat?

What I love about shirts that are sheer is their ability to move air through the fabric with ease. This navy shirt is sheer enough for me to throw a tank top under it and still feel the summer breeze on my arms. Another added benefit is how the shirt is already paired with bright pink flowers. Dark florals can always be made into summer wear especially when paired with the right color shoes. Speaking of shoes, I went with a nude sandal for this look to help break up the darkness of the top.

To finish off the look I grabbed my white jeans. A casual pair of light pants just screams summer to me and really morphs this navy top into an easy summer style.






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