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Winter to Spring Sweaters: How to Make the Transition Comfortable

Is winter behind us yet? Spring 2018 is in the wings and ready to make it’s debut! While we crossover from winter to spring, this cropped sweater is perfect transition piece for the changing seasons!

The main reason I love this sweater is because it keeps you warm and snuggly while the weather is still cool but the cropped cut keeps it light and airy on a warmer day. It might sound like a contradiction on paper, but trust me in practice it’s a keeper.

If you’re like me and bulky sweaters make you look more like a grandma than a glamazon, the cropped style may be the look for you! Sometimes I get the feeling bulky sweaters swallow me up and make me look frumpy. Pairing this cropped design with a pair of high-waisted jeans allows me to still have the benefits of a sweater, while the jeans accent my waistline.



  • Nordstrom TOPSHOP Crop Sweatshirt
    Nordstrom TOPSHOP Crop Sweatshirt

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